Who is JoJo Offerman?

Real Name: Joseann Alexie Offerman
Ring Name: JoJo
DOB: 10th March 1994
Hometown: North Hollywood, California
Billed from: Toluka Lake, California
WWE Debut: June 26th 2013
Mini Bio: JoJo is currently signed to WWE and currently appears on their RAW brand as the Ring Announcer. She is the only Mexican-Dominican female in the company. JoJo can not only wrestle, but she can sing, dance, act, backstage interview and ring announce instantly making her Multi-Talented. She is also a former star of WWE & E! Entertainment's Reality TV Show, Total Divas and the Daughter of LA Dodger, José Offerman.

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Total Divas start off with Them showing the Bella Twins and giving the audience a feel for what the Divas are and do in and out of the ring. They Show the Funk Girls, and now Natalya and shows that she trained for 13 years and her family linage.

The Show starts off in Tampa Florida: 10 days until Wrestlemania

Trinity is dating Jon who is also known as Jimmy Uso. They are training to get ready for their first Wrestlemania as Wrestlers.

They are showing Nattie Training in Tampa with her Dad.  And now we see John Cena at his home with his girlfriend Nikki Bella. They now show a thing about Cena and who he is.

They are showing Brie with her Boyfriend who she lives with Daniel Bryan and the dog.

They show the backstage part of the WWE and what goes into putting a show together and Nattie in her hotel room getting ready for Wreestlemania. They show that Nattie was not going to be on Wrestlemania.


We are back adnt hey show Eva Marie and Jo Jo the new Divas. Nattie sees the Bella twins in the hotel. They Show the new Divas meeting Jane- Talent Relations. They show how they treat Nattie backstage, which to me is horrible.

Ariane and her boyfriend in their hotel room talking. They talk about how Nattie has to baby-sit the new girls and the Tons of Funk girls and their boyfriends.  They show a backstage confirtation between Vincent (Ariane’s boyfriend) and almost Brodus Clay.


The Bella twins get upset with the new girls looking like them. 2 Days until Wrestlemania now and they show Eva Marie getting her hair done. She talks about how she doesn’t like the Blonde.


They show that instead of Blonde that its pure red now.  So they are walking to see Jane and they were nervous but they do end up liking the red hair. They are now showing John Cena walking the red carpet and now the Divas. Nattie is talking on the red carpet and it’s the kickoff for Wrestlemania Weekend. They show how the Bellas are taking charge against the New Divas and doesn’t like them since they are newbies. They show the Bella’s eating at a Cuban Restraunt and Nikki talks about how she is worried about dating John Cena cause she wants to get married.


After the Break they s how the Funk girls talking backstage about the accident with Brodus. Now they see Nikki and John Cena at dinner. Nikki asks if marriage could be in their future? Cena says I tried that once but he told her He makes him enjoy life. Bri and Brian go ring shopping and she wanted to know if it could be a option but she says she does love john and she sees that he loves her.

They show the count down to Wrestlemania in the arena. They show 30 mins until the Divas match. They show the bella twins watching Daniel and Kane wrestle in the ring. They are talking about how the Divas are having trouble getting ready for the Wrestlemania Match.


They show that the funk girls doesn’t have anything to wear cause their costumes are not done. They Show reviews of the Punk/Taker match as the girls run off to get dressed. They start to go to the entrance and here comes John Cena’s Music. Nattie is saying how they know something is wrong and they go to the Divas and they tell Nattie they got cut.


We are back and they show bella’s saying they got cut. Trinity says nothing worse can happen other than getting cut from Mania. They show Layla help calm the Funk girls.

They show a recap of what we will see on the show this season.

That’s the end of the First Episode of Total Divas. The Preview looks great and looks like it will be fun to watch.


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jojo_headshot_20130718.pngUntitled -1Untitled -1
JoJo is now listed on WWE.com under the Diva’s roster. Her profile leads to her Q&A from Thursday July 25th.

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WWE.com have recently posted an Exclusive Interview with JoJo! She talks “Total Divas”, her reality-star status, who she’d like to face in the ring, what Tupac song she was caught singing as a girl, and the Divas Championship! Take a look!

WWE.com: When did you know that being a Diva was right for you?

JoJo: I knew from the first day that I got in the ring that that’s where I was meant to be. I fell in love with it. I was like, “This is home.”

WWE.com: Who was the first Diva you met and what was that experience like?

JoJo: I first met Natalya, and it was like, “Whoa,” because she’s a veteran, and she is where I am trying to be. She’s so helpful, and she knows so much about the business, so it is really an eye-opener. You’re just in awe when you meet her, and you respect her right off the bat.

WWE.com: Of that entire process, and out of all the possible Divas and all the new Divas who are in the Performance Center and in NXT, how did it come to be that you and Eva Marie were the ones selected to be on “Total Divas”?

JoJo: I honestly had no idea that I was going to get chosen. I just showed off my personality, and I think I brought something to the table that they enjoyed. We didn’t know what to expect or what anything was about. We went in, showed who we were, and apparently they loved it.

WWE.com: Viewers get the sense that “Total Divas” features a lot of drama, but what kind of wisdom are you absorbing from the process and from the other Divas?

JoJo: This whole show has really taught me how to deal with this business in general. This is my first time away from home, so constantly being on the road is a whirlwind. I’m learning from all the other Divas, how to respect each other and how to respect all the Superstars — how to shake their hands, to make yourself known in a respectful way and how to deal with this whole traveling thing in general. One of the most difficult parts of the job is traveling. Each day, you just learn how to be yourself and how to incorporate it into your work. Slowly I’m learning, “Oh I might be good as this or I might be good as that.” [The other Divas] have really helped with that.

WWE.com: What are some of your personal goals that you’d like to accomplish in WWE?

JoJo: Besides the Divas Championship, to entertain. As long as I’m entertaining members of the WWE Universe, and people really enjoy what I bring to the table, that’s my goal. Whether it’s singing, dancing, getting on the mic or in the ring, I just want people to look at me and go, “Wow, that girl has it. She’s talented,” and they enjoy watching me. That’s really what I’d like to accomplish.

WWE.com: You mentioned the Divas Title. This is actually the five-year anniversary of the Divas Championship. What does it feel like to be a part of this division at such a critical moment?

JoJo: It is such a blessing. I’m a religious person, so I pray and I thank God every day. I’m so young, and I’m in this position that people are dying for. I’ve worked so hard for it and to know that all my hard work is paying off, and to be in the presence of all these incredible talented people is so amazing and so incredible and unbelievable. Sometimes I pinch myself, like, “Oh my God, am I really here!?” I’m really just so blessed to have this opportunity.

WWE.com: Who’s the one Diva in history that you would want to compete against in the ring?

JoJo: I’ve met Eve before, actually. I think that she’s a great performer and a great in-ring performer as well. I would love to get in the ring with Natalya. She’s just so great at what she does, and to have the honor to wrestle her would be amazing.

WWE.com: What makes you unique in the Divas division, and what do you think that you and Eva Marie would bring to the division that’s never seen before?

JoJo: Well first off, I think we have a certain look, that people will really look at us and say, “Wow, they’re someone.” We’re powerful, with Eva’s red hair — that’s fire. Or with my crazy big curly hair — that’s wild. That alone brings something, but then our personalities; we’re both so fun, and we’re both so talented. Eva’s incredibly athletic, as am I. I’ve played sports my entire life, and, on top of that, I sing and I dance, and that’s something that Divas haven’t really done. The Funkadactyls dance, but singing and dancing together, I think it’s something I could bring and people would be like, “Wow that’s really cool. That’s different.”

WWE.com: We’ve seen you sing on WWE Main Event before. Have you had any formal vocal training?

JoJo: I have never been formerly trained. I was in a singing group. We were called Little Miss. All four of us had different voices. I was the crazy power singer; one was very soft, and one was a rapper. Being in that group helped me find my voice, because I would have to match with them, and I would have to sing songs that I’m not used to. It really helped me find out how I love to sing and what I love to sing. I literally have video tapes from when I was two years old singing on the pool table to En Vogue, Tupac. I was legit rapping to “Hail Mary” by Tupac and stuff like that. I was a mess. All my life I’ve been trying to find my voice, and I think I found it now.

WWE.com: What are some of your go-to songs?

JoJo: I have so many. When it comes to music, I can’t choose one. I can do three. Each one of them has a different meaning. “Speechless,” by Beyoncé, because it’s very soft and then it gives you that craziness. I’m a huge Beyoncé fan, by the way. I love her. I love “You Put a Move on My Heart” by Tamia, because it’s just got a wide range and it shows off your voice. A third one I would say is “Dangerously in Love,” by Beyoncé as well. Part of the reason why is because that song relates to so many people in my family, even though you can’t take the words so literally. When I love someone, I love them with my heart. I’ll sing it to my mom; I’ll sing it to my brother — things like that, or from this person to this person.

WWE.com: Can you tell us a secret about you that nobody knows about?

JoJo: Growing up, I went from having it all to having nothing. I think that’s part of the reason why I drive, and I’m so passionate about what I do and working hard because I’m determined to help my family out and I’m determined to make my dreams come true. A lot of that will be shown on “Total Divas.” A lot of what I went through in my past and a lot of things involving my father is all going to come out on the show. Nobody really knows that about me, [but] I feel like everything in my past has made me a stronger person and I don’t see it as a negative thing.

WWE.com: If you were to make a prediction right now, how long is it going to be before JoJo is holding that Divas Championship in her WWE career?

JoJo: No more than a year. This time next year, hopefully, I want to be holding that Divas Championship at least once.

WWE.com: Is there anything you want to add?

JoJo: With the show coming out everyone’s going to see how I am. A lot of people don’t know that I’m quite athletic or I’m quite the entertainer. As I show my personality and as I show who I am people are going to like me, hopefully. I’m just here to show people how I roll.

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WWE.com have Released JoJo’s very first Photoshoot, Meet JoJo! We have separated it into 3 albums according to her outfit. Check it out!

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WWE.com have Released a brand new Eva Marie Photoshoot. JoJo was featured in two pictures. Make sure you check them out!

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Following from Eva Marie’s shocking slap to Jerry Lawler on MizTV, During Raw. JoJo, Natalya, Naomi, Cameron and The Bella Twins showed their Anger towards Eva Marie on Backstage Fallout! Check it out here!

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JoJo along with Eva Marie, The Bella Twins, Natalya, Naomi & Cameron appeared on MizTV this week on Monday Night Raw to Promote their Reality TV show ‘Total Divas’. JoJo looked Incredible, Her dress was absolutely stunning. Check it out!


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E! Network has released two brand new ‘Total Divas’ sneak peeks to the web! JoJo is included in Both sneak peeks. You can find them on vimeo here!

Sneak Peek #1


Sneak Peek #2


Credit to Natalie-EvaMarie.com for the videos.

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5 More Total Divas Promos have been released! JoJo is in Every one of of the Promos. You can check them out Below!

Reminder: E! Network’s ‘Total Divas’ Airs on Sunday the 28th of July! The Divas that are included in the show are The Bella Twins, Natalya, Naomi, Cameron, JoJo and Eva Marie. You don’t wan’t to miss the Drama filled show!

Promo #3

Promo #4

Promo #5

Promo #6

Promo #7

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JoJo and Eva Marie were included in a Backstage segment on Raw with The Bella Twins, Natalya, Naomi and Cameron! It started of with The Bella Twins greeting JoJo and Eva Marie but then changed into them Bragging about How they’re the Real stars of ‘Total Divas’ and no one else. Natalya, Cameron & Naomi then got involved which ended up in The Bella Twins walking away. This segment showed Fiestiness in all of the Divas.

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