Who is JoJo Offerman?

Real Name: Joseann Alexie Offerman
Ring Name: JoJo
DOB: 10th March 1994
Hometown: North Hollywood, California
Billed from: Toluka Lake, California
WWE Debut: June 26th 2013
Mini Bio: JoJo is currently signed to WWE and currently appears on their RAW brand as the Ring Announcer. She is the only Mexican-Dominican female in the company. JoJo can not only wrestle, but she can sing, dance, act, backstage interview and ring announce instantly making her Multi-Talented. She is also a former star of WWE & E! Entertainment's Reality TV Show, Total Divas and the Daughter of LA Dodger, José Offerman.

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JoJo was ring announcing in Montreal, QC last night! You can check out the fan photos from the night & a Photo from WWE’s Snapchat in the gallery:


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As some people may know, Today I met JoJo at WWE Leeds! She did an incredible job ring announcing and hosting the show, you can read about my experience below:

I got to First Direct Arena at 12PM, JoJo had got me tickets for the show and told me I could pick them up at the will call window. I did that and once I got inside, I found the seats she got for me and my older sister and they were the most amazing seats I’ve ever had, I’m truly grateful she did this for me. Well, an hour or so passed and JoJo came out so enthusiastic and ready to do her thing! I didn’t know if she had noticed me or not so when she was sat down during Finn Balor vs Adrian Neville, I waved at her and she noticed me and waved back! It felt so good. She then announced Cesaro & Tyson w/ Natalya vs The New Day, and she did such a great job. Her hosting of the full show was spectacular. That match ended with Cesaro and Tyson getting the win. The New Day issued for anyone to come out from backstage to see if they could beat them. R-Truth then came out and beat The New Day. The Next Match was Fandango w/ Rosa Mendes vs Jimmy Uso! Fandango and Rosa were showing off to Jimmy, he then called JoJo up and they both started dancing to Michael Jackson, it was so good. As soon as they finished Dancing when Jimmy held JoJo’s hand up, Rosa pushed JoJo over and JoJo rolled out of the ring and sat back down. Jimmy Uso got the win and JoJo was laughing at Rosa ringside as her partner, Fandango lost the match. Rosa was furious. Up next was a 6 man tag team match between Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowen vs Sheamus, Bad news Barrett and Bray Wyatt. The match ended with Dolph, Daniel and Erick getting the win! JoJo then announced that there was a short break in the show and that it would return shortly. She was signing autographs and taking pictures with Fans ringside and I noticed she was heading over to the other side so I walked down and she noticed me coming and walked back around and gave me a hug straight away. She thanked me for the fansite and we talked about what happened with Rosa Mendes. She said “I know! I don’t know what her problem is”. I was going to pay for a WWE Live guide but she asked me if I wanted one and then gave me one which was so so nice of her. We then took a few pictures together. More fans were coming over to see her so I went to go back to my seat, and she pulled me back and hugged me again. She said she’d speak to me again soon and said she hopes I’m enjoying the show and held my hand as I walked away. It was the best experience of my life. She then walked back, backstage for a few minutes and came back when everyone returned from the Break. JoJo announced that the Divas match would be a 6 Divas Tag Team match! First came Rosa Mendes, Cameron and Alicia Fox. Rosa, continuing her issue with JoJo, was shouting at her to move so she could stand on the turnbuckle. Next, out came Summer Rae, Natalya and Emma. It was a pretty good match with Emma, Summer and Natalya picking up the win! Next up it was The Miz vs Damien Mizdow, This was also a good match with a Great promo by The Miz and Damien! It was now time for the Main Event, this was Roman Reigns vs The Big Show in a Street Fight. Roman Reigns got the win and the show ended. JoJo was getting her things ring side and then waved and blew kisses at me. She then got on the mic at the stage and said goodbye to everyone and wished everyone safe travels. She’s the sweetest person in the whole world and It was such a great experience!

You can check out the videos below and pictures in the Gallery:

JoJo dancing with Jimmy Uso at Leeds by jojooffermancom

JoJo promoting the Merchandise at WWE Leeds by jojooffermancom

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Jimmy Uso danced with JoJo again at WWE Nottingham on Saturday! Check out the digitals from the show in the gallery:

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As most people know, JoJo is currently on the European tour. Eden is ring announcing one half of the tour, and JoJo is announcing the other. Last night she was at the Belfast show and before Fandango and Jimmy Uso went head to head, Jimmy Uso showed off his dancing skills. Although it wasn’t alone, he grabbed JoJo and danced with her! Check out the digital in the gallery from WWE.com and the video below:


A video posted by ALANA♥ (@alana_x2) on

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JoJo was Ring announcing and sang the National Anthem last night in San Jose for NXT! Thanks to JoJo’s Mom and a few others we have some pictures in the gallery from the event. Also check out the video below of JoJo singing the National Anthem:

A video posted by Mark Banda (@banda_law) on

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JoJo ring announced a few weeks ago at NXT Tampa and for the very first time at a Live Event, rocked her ombre hair straight! Check out the pictures in the Gallery thanks to @JasonVW! Isn’t it beautiful?

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JoJo was sang the National Anthem and ring announced at NXT Cleveland on Friday, word is she got “JoJo” chants throughout the night. Thanks to @msheathermagick, @alanageis, @luni_tunz & more, we have some photos of her from the show in the Gallery:

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JoJo was Ring Announcing and sang the National Anthem at NXT Columbus on Thursday. Thanks to @brocklesnarguy, @cbergfeld37 & more, we have some photos of her from the show in the Gallery:

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JoJo was ring announcing at a WWE live event in Jacksonville, Florida this past Saturday. Thanks to @Tremicfland, @DrummondMVP, @ThomasDBradley, @ReallyImMike & @Jessi_Lee2004 we have some pictures in the Gallery from the event:

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JoJo was ring announcing at a WWE Live event in North Charleston this past Friday. Thanks to @BreeTeats, @TrueSeanAngel, @Cody3Stacks & more we have some pictures in the Gallery from the event:

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