Who is JoJo Offerman?

Real Name: Joseann Alexie Offerman
Ring Name: JoJo
DOB: 10th March 1994
Hometown: North Hollywood, California
Billed from: Toluka Lake, California
WWE Debut: June 26th 2013
Mini Bio: JoJo is currently signed to WWE and currently appears on their RAW brand as the Ring Announcer. She is the only Mexican-Dominican female in the company. JoJo can not only wrestle, but she can sing, dance, act, backstage interview and ring announce instantly making her Multi-Talented. She is also a former star of WWE & E! Entertainment's Reality TV Show, Total Divas and the Daughter of LA Dodger, José Offerman.

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The WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens recently did an interview with ‘Metal Injection’. Owens was asked If he was to form a band, what other wrestlers would he want to be in his band and travelling down the road with him. Kevin Owens went on to say the following “If I was trying to have a good band, I would probably like have JoJo as my lead singer cause she sings, she’s pretty incredible I don’t know if you guys have ever heard her sing.”

You can watch the full interview below:

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JoJo was ring announcing and ringside taking pictures with fans and signing autographs at NXT Tampa last night! Thanks to @HyrcychPhoto, @RyanBaxter123,  @ehile76, @kinney_dk, @BigChrisSpirito & more we have some pictures from the show in the gallery! Don’t forget to check them out:

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Check out this interview with JoJo taken Last Year when the cast of “Total Divas” season 1 were Dining at the London East Hollywood, days before SummerSlam 2013:

Despite her tiny stature, she can buzz and sting like a bumblebee.  What she lacks in mass, JoJo makes up for it in specializing tumbles, flips and high-flies…
“Looks are very deceiving.  They’ll be very surprised when they see what I can do.  My specialities are the flips, the turns, and the aerials stuff. I love the flips, the turns, and the high-flying action.”
“I’m really small. I’m only 5 ft. tall. I’m really short. Those are the things I can do. I can jump. I can fly very high.  I’m very agile in that way. I think the whole wrestling thing works for me. It’s not easy this whole wrestling thing but I can think I can handle it. I think I can do well, being in the ring.” 
She’s pretty agile but she’s aware she has to change her routine and add on more skills if she is going to mature up the ranks…
 “Trainers at the Performance Center know how to train each and everyone’s body.  They go over with you.  If there are things I need to work on, they will work with me to work on that.  It’s all about communicating with the trainers, telling them I’m changing in this way and I need to work on my legs.  So, it’s all about the matter of communications and knowing how I feel. I’m so lucky to have the top trainers in the world at my age…oh my god, yes.”
Going straight from high school to WWE “Total Divas”…
“I did go for an audition with WWE and I did audition. I went through the whole wrestling training program and I fell in love with it immediately so, I just keep at it. I did eventually did get picked up for the developmental program.  Then after that, I was told about Total Divas.  I went in.  I showed my personality and they love me.  I am tough. For all my life, I did a lot of sports. I did basketball, volleyball.  My main focus was running track.  So, I always been athletic.  I’ve always been the girly-girl type. I’m so small so people say you’re so cute but I can swept in that ring.”
“Mom is so proud and happy because this is what I was meant to be, an entertainer.  We’re both very religious. I’m very happy that I made her proud.”
When it comes to her food regiment, she takes an opposite approach to “The Funkadactyls”…
 “It’s very hard to being on the road but I try very hard not to eat fast food on the road. I try to cut down on soda as much as possible.  I really see it as a balance, you gotta balance when it comes to eating. You don’t necessarily go on a diet.  Some people do go on diets to maintain but as long as I watch what I eat, I can eat whatever I want  so long as I burn what I eat. So, I’m ok.  I have a very fast metabolism.” 
A teenaged “Total Diva” skincare routine…
 “I wash my face a lot. It’s really hard because we’re constantly wearing makeup and the sweating and you’re out on the ring.  It’s very difficult but I make sure every night, I take off all my makeup.  I wash my face with soap;  and I have this special face cream that I don’t know what it’s called but my mom gets it for me. She needs to stock it up for me.”
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Renee Young interviewed JoJo, Eva Marie and Natalya on this weeks Backstage Fallout, check out what they have to say after their match last night:

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Today Divas-365.com have Released their Exclusive Interview with JoJo’s Mom, Alexie Offerman! She talks SummerSlam, Justin Gabriel, How JoJo was growing up & Much more. Check it out here!

Don’t forget to Follow JoJo’s mom on twitter – @LexRivera2

Also, Follow Divas-365.com on Twitter – @Divas365


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Exitos 939 FM have recently Interviewed JoJo at the SummerSlam Press Conference! She talks singing the National Anthem at SummerSlam and Advice to future Diva Aspects. Check it out:

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