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Real Name: Joseann Alexie Offerman
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DOB: 10th March 1994
Hometown: North Hollywood, California
Billed from: Toluka Lake, California
WWE Debut: June 26th 2013
Mini Bio: JoJo is currently signed to WWE and currently appears on their RAW brand as the Ring Announcer. She is the only Mexican-Dominican female in the company. JoJo can not only wrestle, but she can sing, dance, act, backstage interview and ring announce instantly making her Multi-Talented. She is also a former star of WWE & E! Entertainment's Reality TV Show, Total Divas and the Daughter of LA Dodger, José Offerman.

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JoJo made an appearance on Total Divas last night for it’s sixth episode of this season. She went for some Drinks with Naomi, Jimmy Uso, Paige, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes and more. You can catch the video below and the screen captures in the gallery:

JoJo on Total Divas by jojooffermancom

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So, let’s get the depressing part of the latest “Total Divas” out of the way first: Natalya and Tyson Kidd’s (TJ) beloved pet cat, Gismo, is on his last legs after suffering a stroke, and the couple is left with no choice but to euthanize him when it becomes clear that his quality of life won’t be up to par. Given that Gismo kept Tyson’s company throughout his recovery, the poor guy’s passing hits him particularly hard. So much so, in fact, that Tyson’s nearly unable to bring himself to compete in his first match back from injury. Of course, he battles through the pain, but the loss hangs heavy over the Kidd/Neidhart clan … until a solution is reached and Tyson brings home a new kitten, who is immediately doffed in a goofy pink bib and christened King Louis. As Lemmy once said: bow down to the King.

While this takes place, Nikki Bella’s long layoff is starting to raise issues with both WWE management and Brie Bella herself as to how serious she is about getting back in the ring. Nikki insists it’s a priority, although she seems a bit too comfortable applying muscle stims to John Cena’s pecs to convince anyone of this, and Brie and her twin have it out over a tense brunch with all the Divas in attendance. Nikki actually ends the episode on a bit of a down note when she and Eva Marie are bumped as Brie’s valets during Night of Champions, though she resolves to both fight back from adversity and find some joy in her sister’s burgeoning solo career, so the slump clearly won’t last too long.

For the second time in as many weeks, Jimmy Uso (Jon) and Naomi (Trinity) are butting heads. First, it’s over the outfit Naomi picks for a JET magazine shoot – it’s a bit too skimpy for Jimmy’s taste – and then over a plan by WWE executives that would pair Naomi with a new male Superstar. Jimmy’s jealousy kicks into overdrive and he tries to nip the arrangement in the bud. Unfortunately, it lands Naomi in hot water with the brass and – more importantly – Jimmy in hot water with Naomi. It looks worse than usual for a while, though a heartfelt confession heals all wounds at the 11th hour.


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If you haven’t already, check out JoJo alongside Renee Young & Alicia Fox on this week’s ‘After Total Divas’ Below:

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We’re back, baby. Hope you like street fights and soiled pants, because the mid-season premiere of E!’s “Total Divas” has more of those than you can shake a stick at.

So Natalya accidentally wets herself after Naomi (Trinity) hits her in the stomach during a “WWE Superstars” match. It’s very awkward. Despite the fact that this sort of thing is apparently NBD in the locker room (John Cena readily admits as much to Nikki Bella, sharing a memory of his own little accident in Saskatoon during a bout of food poisoning), the possibility of a repeat incident leaves Nattie a petrified mess in the days leading up to her SummerSlam match vs. Brie Bella. More on this in a bit.

Cameron (Ariane) shows some rather impressive road rage while driving Naomi and Jimmy “The King of Comedy” Uso, and later continues last season’s trend of completely emasculating her boyfriend Vinny by screaming at him during a party. Thanks to some harsh truths about her anger issues from Naomi and her mom, Cameron makes amends with the poor galoot and secures a pass for this latest round of emotional turmoil. Hooray.

Meanwhile, Eva Marie’s quick success has gone straight to her head along with all that red hair dye. As her latest power play, she’s openly antagonizing The Bella Twins whilst parading her “Maxim” spread in front of anyone who cares to look (don’t mind if we do). Hardly the plans of an evil genius, but with Nikki on the mend from an injury and Eva’s popularity legitimately spiking, the head games are more effective than anyone cares to admit. Shockingly, it’s Zen queen Brie who snaps out of the lotus pose and vows scorched earth upon Eva if the needling should continue.

The big downer comes when John Cena tears his triceps and faces a six-month layoff, which causes much hand-wringing from Nikki as to what his future holds. In the end, though, it’s SummerSlam, and mostly everyone goes home happy: The Bellas unite against Eva Marie; JoJo wows the world with the National Anthem; and Nattie, bolstered by Tyson Kidd’s words of wisdom, has a great match and escapes unsoiled. Plus, in the final moments, Brie gets to watch her man, Daniel Bryan, win his first WWE Title (from Cena, no less) after which NOTHING ELSE HAPPENED WHATSOEVER. (Yeah, right.)


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Right after Last night’s episode of Total Divas, E! Aired the After Party where the Divas with Host, Renee Young talk about Season 1! WWE uploaded 8 Digitals of JoJo from the show. Don’t forget to check them out in the Gallery!


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Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together today on the mid-season finale of E!’s “Total Divas,” featuring the long-awaited wedding of Natalya and Tyson Kidd (TJ). Having survived false-starts, possible courtroom nuptials, TJ’s overbearing mom and “Brie Mode,” the happy couple is ready to tie the knot in their beach wedding … until, of course, a troika of catastrophes besieges them at the last possible minute.

First up: Nikki Bella is invited to John Cena’s family gathering in West Newbury, Mass., on the same weekend as the wedding. Wanting to make a good impression, Nikki chooses to awkwardly bail on her friend, Nattie. Nikki calls to apologize during the reception and the Divas appear to be gal pals again.

Second, Cameron (Ariane) suffers a serious medical emergency in her hotel room and doesn’t seem like she’ll make it to the wedding. But thanks to some quick thinking from fellow Funkadactyl, Naomi (Trinity), disaster is averted after a trip to the hospital.

Third, of course, is the entirely expected return of Jaret the Tanning Guy. Oy, Jaret the Tanning Guy – they can’t get rid of him! When the zombie apocalypse overruns the earth and Cthulu has his way with the remnants, the only things left will be Twinkies, roaches and Jaret the Tanning Guy. Anyway, since you’ll remember Natalya invited him to her wedding, Jaret the Tanning Guy causes a ruckus when he comes clean to TJ about his flirtatious texts with Nattie, forcing TJ to confront the bride. Long story short, they kiss and make up and with Damien Sandow as wedding MC, Natalya and Tyson Kidd tie the knot. The after-party is appropriately raucous, and Brie – much to Daniel Bryan’s great surprise – catches the bouquet.

Elsewhere, Eva Marie is chosen to be Natalya’s valet, which throws JoJo into an epic snit fit. Eva attempts to reconnect with her fellow Diva-in-training, but the animosity is irreparable. Sworn enemies it is.

Up in Massachusetts, Nikki is a smash hit among the highly amusing family members of the Cenation. (We demand a spin-off featuring Cena’s brother and his partner, and we demand it now!) The mid-season ends much as it started: with Nikki and Cena discussing their future. Cena’s come around to commitment, though, and invites The Bella Twin to move in with him. Nikki, being pure of heart and virtue, doesn’t want to move in without being engaged … But hey, she can break the rules just this once.

See you all in November when “Total Divas” returns Sunday nights at 10/9 CT on E!.



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E! Entertainment have recently uploaded the “Total Divas” Min-Season Finale Sneak Peek onto their Youtube account! JoJo is included in the Sneak Peek, check it out here:

Catch Total Divas this Sunday on E! at 10/9c, You don’t want to miss it!

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Oh, snap. Competition is a-brewin’ on E!’s “Total Divas” when the two newbies get their first big breaks in “the business.” First up is Eva Marie, who gets the news she’s been pegged for a “Maxim” shoot and, while the other Divas are cautiously congratulatory over the news, almost everyone is genuinely happy for her. ALMOST.

Playing “Negative Nancy” among the crew is JoJo, who has yet to separate herself from the pack and can’t muster up even a halfhearted well-wish as Eva Marie pulls ahead of her. JoJo decides to break out the big guns and pitches a musical performance, with Naomi (Trinity) helping her to shoulder the load. The two record a solid version of “Somebody Call My Momma” with Naomi’s record-producer father, but their live performance of the song on WWE Main Event – JoJo’s would-be coming out party as a Diva – doesn’t exactly pan out, and JoJo finds herself sinking deeper into the doghouse as a result.

Suffering a setback of a different nature is Nikki Bella, who takes a nasty tumble off the apron during a match and injures her leg, which was already iffy thanks to an old soccer injury that never properly healed. The pain persists and, at Brie and John Cena’s insistence, Nikki finally caves and gets her leg checked out by the medical powers that be. The news is – so to speak – crippling: She’ll be bound to crutches with an expected 12-week recovery. Nikki’s sent home to heal up by Talent Relations.

Elsewhere, Cameron (Ariane) and Vincent get their turn in the spotlight this week when Vincent tries to convince Cameron to meet his folks. There’s not a human on or watching this show who doesn’t realize this is Vincent’s setup for a marriage proposal, but a hesitant Cameron gives it a shot anyway. Sure enough, Vincent’s old-school Armenian dad basically tells Cameron to “wife up” and give him a grandkid. The last straw, however, comes when Vincent takes Cameron to a jeweler to pick out a rock, at which point she breaks down and tells the big guy she’s not ready to get married yet. To his immense credit, Vinnie agrees to pump the breaks a bit.

In other words, sorry, folks. No wedding this week. Now next week …



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Diva newbie JoJo saw WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel working out before his match and it definitely caught her eye. She’s totally into him and they were spotted flirting right after his match.

This totally reminds us of middle school…

But there’s a problem. There’s a big age difference between Justin and JoJo. Eva is worried because of the age difference and the fact that JoJo just got out of a serious relationship. She’s looking out for her girl.

The Divas are in the training ring and they’re doing a lot more talking then training. Nattie says she’s super stressed out from her wedding planning and the Divas try to remind her to relax and enjoy their big bachelorette trip to Las Vegas over the weekend. Nikki gets down to business and shows off one of her big new moves.

We likey…

Eva Marie and JoJo are having people over for a big pre-Vegas/housewarming party. Everyone shows up and the party gets started. It’s really cool to see them all get along and see them party together outside of WWE.

And then…with much anticipation… Justin arrives and JoJo gets all giddy! It’s good to know she likes him for his personality…

She pulls him off to the side and they start talking real close. This can only lead to one thing… Is that tongue?! Shoot.

After the get together, Nikki Bella and her WWE Superstar boyfriend John Cena are out shopping for a bachelorette gift for Nattie. They’re in a high end boutique and Nikki gossips to John that Nattie has only ever “been” with TJ. John says that’s admirable and Nikki totally agrees. She then goes on to say her family would “do backflips” if she was like that. She’s not? John brings up the “number” question and she gets embarrassed. She shoots down that conversation quickly.

Meanwhile, Ariane and her boyfriend Vinny are arguing about the Vegas trip. He wants to go on the trip but Ariane says it’s really only work people that are going.

He’s really getting on her nerves.

JoJo goes on a first date with Justin and it’s pretty mediocre. We’re just being honest…

She’s under 21 and can’t drink but he orders wine, she shows him pictures of her rabbit and he’s not interested, and they eventually just do a lot of small talk.

True love.

It’s time for Vegas, baby!

Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan, Nikki, Nattie, Tj, Trinity, Jon, Ariane, Eva Marie, JoJo and Justin all arrive in Vegas! They cheers and get the party started. They’re staying at the Palms and head to the pool for a sexy Diva pool party!

Nattie and Nikki are sitting away from the group and Nattie admits to Nikki that Jaret (the guy from last week who admitted to having feelings for Nattie) has been texting her and that she likes it. The Diva veteran says she’s been texting her back and wants Nikki’s opinion on it all. Nikki firmly says she does not think it’s a good idea that he is texting her and thinks Nattie needs to stop replying!

Nikki gives us a little insight into her own texting etiquette…

The Divas leave the boys at home and head to the Chippendales show. Things head downhill from there… or uphill depending on how you look at things.

They all get super into the show and Nattie even gets pulled up on stage and tied up!

The ladies start to drink and get really funny. Nattie really opens up and lets out her wild side!

Brie lets everyone know that when she gets a little tipsy she goes into something called “Brie Mode”. Nikki explains that in school Brie’s nickname was “keg killer” and she gets crazy when she drinks too much.


They keep drinking and Nikki seems to be the one who gets a little too crazy.


The night ends and Brie heads back to her and Bryan’s room with some “gifts”. He answers the door half-asleep and she tries to put furry handcuffs on him in bed.

You read that right, furry handcuffs.

Brie wakes up in the morning and hopes he doesn’t know she was in “Brie Mode” last night. Bryan says of course he knew that she was in Brie Mode and tries to cure her hangover…

Out of nowhere, Ariane’s boyfriend shows up at her door and says he’s ready to party. He comes into the room, makes himself at home and jumps into the empty tub.

What a guy…

It’s everyone’s last night in Vegas and somebody brings a really strange cake to the table.

We don’t even know what to say…

Nattie admits she just liked the attention that Jaret was giving her but she truly loves TJ. She said she’s going to tie the knot with him and make it official.

They all go out for one more night of partying. Vinny tags along and drinks way too much.

He spills a bunch of drinks and starts to piss everyone off.

Trinity wanted to have a good night and he’s ruining it. She says a phrase that we know we’re going to start using…

Ariane tells Vinny to leave with her and she yells at him on their way out. She said he needs to stop embarrassing her in front of work people. Looks like there’s trouble in paradise…

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In Sunday’s upcoming Episode of ‘Total Divas’ we see JoJo getting Pretty close to WWE Superstar, Justin Gabriel! Check out this Sneak peek which shows us a preview of what’s to come this Sunday:

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