Who is JoJo Offerman?

Real Name: Joseann Alexie Offerman
Ring Name: JoJo
DOB: 10th March 1994
Hometown: North Hollywood, California
Billed from: Toluka Lake, California
WWE Debut: June 26th 2013
Mini Bio: JoJo is currently signed to WWE and currently appears on their RAW brand as the Ring Announcer. She is the only Mexican-Dominican female in the company. JoJo can not only wrestle, but she can sing, dance, act, backstage interview and ring announce instantly making her Multi-Talented. She is also a former star of WWE & E! Entertainment's Reality TV Show, Total Divas and the Daughter of LA Dodger, José Offerman.

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Yesterday JoJo, alongside Eva Marie, Attended NXT Tampa!

JoJo was ring announcing with Eva Marie then was joined by Tyler Breeze in the Ring . Her outfit looked super cute also!

Don’t forget to check out the Photos in the Gallery. We have 6 great photos from the event all thanks to @JoshJordan on Twitter!

Also check out the instagram picture of JoJo, Veronica Lane & Eva Marie last night:


                                                                    instagram: erikaannhammond

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Today WWE.com have put up a new online poll: Who would you like to see challenge Divas Champion AJ Lee? 

JoJo is involved in the poll which is exciting! She is currently at 3%, tying with Eva Marie and Layla. Make sure you Vote for her! Who wouldn’t want to see our very own Multi-Talented, JoJo take on Divas Champion, AJ Lee? We definitely would!

Click here to vote! 


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JoJo was Ringside during The Bella Twins, The Funkadactlys and Natalya vs Alicia Fox, Aksana, Layla, AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka last night at Raw! Check out what happened during the match:

The Bella Twins come out first alongside Eva Marie whilst Natalya, Cameron and Naomi are already out in the Ring with JoJo standing Ringside for support in the match! Their Opponents are also out except the Divas Champion, AJ Lee. AJ comes out on her own a few minutes later. Natalya and Alicia start the match. Brie Bella is then tagged in and she unloads on Alicia Fox with some Impressive moves! Some of the girls get knocked to the floor by the other Divas then shortly afterwards AJ comes into the Ring and goes at it with Brie. Brie pins AJ for the win!

Winners: Cameron, Naomi, Natalya and The Bella Twins 

Shortly after the match, Tamina Snuka carries AJ away with the other Anti Total Divas. The cast of Total Divas then celebrate their victory in the Ring!

You can also watch the match here:

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Last Night, JoJo was at NXT Orlando! She was along side Veronica Lane for part of her appearance and looked amazing. All credit goes to @JoshJordan and make sure to give him a follow!

Also, check out the recent instagram picture of JoJo and Veronica backstage at NXT:

Instagram: erikaannhammond
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Yesterday, JoJo was at NXT Tampa and she is said to already have “Amazing” Mic skills! Don’t forget to check out the Photos in the Gallery, all credit goes to @JoshJordan on twitter.

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Check out JoJo’s Latest NXT tout, she talks about the Lumberjill match which Takes place next week in Tampa:

What Team do you think JoJo should take? Team Emma or Team Paige?


Should JoJo be on Team Emma or Team Paige?
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Right after Last night’s episode of Total Divas, E! Aired the After Party where the Divas with Host, Renee Young talk about Season 1! WWE uploaded 8 Digitals of JoJo from the show. Don’t forget to check them out in the Gallery!


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Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together today on the mid-season finale of E!’s “Total Divas,” featuring the long-awaited wedding of Natalya and Tyson Kidd (TJ). Having survived false-starts, possible courtroom nuptials, TJ’s overbearing mom and “Brie Mode,” the happy couple is ready to tie the knot in their beach wedding … until, of course, a troika of catastrophes besieges them at the last possible minute.

First up: Nikki Bella is invited to John Cena’s family gathering in West Newbury, Mass., on the same weekend as the wedding. Wanting to make a good impression, Nikki chooses to awkwardly bail on her friend, Nattie. Nikki calls to apologize during the reception and the Divas appear to be gal pals again.

Second, Cameron (Ariane) suffers a serious medical emergency in her hotel room and doesn’t seem like she’ll make it to the wedding. But thanks to some quick thinking from fellow Funkadactyl, Naomi (Trinity), disaster is averted after a trip to the hospital.

Third, of course, is the entirely expected return of Jaret the Tanning Guy. Oy, Jaret the Tanning Guy – they can’t get rid of him! When the zombie apocalypse overruns the earth and Cthulu has his way with the remnants, the only things left will be Twinkies, roaches and Jaret the Tanning Guy. Anyway, since you’ll remember Natalya invited him to her wedding, Jaret the Tanning Guy causes a ruckus when he comes clean to TJ about his flirtatious texts with Nattie, forcing TJ to confront the bride. Long story short, they kiss and make up and with Damien Sandow as wedding MC, Natalya and Tyson Kidd tie the knot. The after-party is appropriately raucous, and Brie – much to Daniel Bryan’s great surprise – catches the bouquet.

Elsewhere, Eva Marie is chosen to be Natalya’s valet, which throws JoJo into an epic snit fit. Eva attempts to reconnect with her fellow Diva-in-training, but the animosity is irreparable. Sworn enemies it is.

Up in Massachusetts, Nikki is a smash hit among the highly amusing family members of the Cenation. (We demand a spin-off featuring Cena’s brother and his partner, and we demand it now!) The mid-season ends much as it started: with Nikki and Cena discussing their future. Cena’s come around to commitment, though, and invites The Bella Twin to move in with him. Nikki, being pure of heart and virtue, doesn’t want to move in without being engaged … But hey, she can break the rules just this once.

See you all in November when “Total Divas” returns Sunday nights at 10/9 CT on E!.



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At last night’s Smackdown, JoJo was with “Team Total Divas” supporting Naomi, Natalya & Brie against Alicia Fox, Layla and Aksana! JoJo and the rest of the Divas looked Gorgeous! Check it out:


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WWE.com have released their newest Diva Focus named “Total Diva Focus”. There’s 5 photos of JoJo from her very own Diva Focus and 1 from the Total Divas Promotional Photoshoot!

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